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DTP Translation

Ngày đăng: 13-06-2024 19:39:17

What is DTP translation service?

When you need to translate documents in such uncommon forms as Adode indesign or QuarkExpress with many pictures and symbols, how to transfer all these formats without changing their origin? DTP is simply a translation service which transfers source language into target language, and layout as your original documents. This is very helpful to you when you need to translate a document into a language that you do not master. And it can also help you publish documents in pictures.

What does DTP service include?

First of all, you have to give us your documents, and clearly tell us which format and language you expect in the translation. In addition, you can make clear the usage purpose of the translation, brochures, book publishing for instance so that our staff can understand, translate and layout as your usage purpose.

DTP service package includes:

- Translating documents into languages and formats as customer’s demand.

- Sending translation PDF files as reference to customers.

- Annotated draft of terminologies as future reference, and used for next translations with the similar contents ( if any).

- Checking the compatibility of files (compatible with different operating systems and browsers).

- Printing documents if any request

Please contact us if you have a need of DTP translation service.
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